Monday, May 20, 2013

Its a Girl

Yep its been a secound or two since I have last blogged. I always think I dont have a cool blog because I dont blog these spectaticular fashion blogs well I guess I just need to stick with my original blog. Life with ken ken
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  SO... I guess its that time when everyone really is getting married, going to away, and even having children. A few weeks ago I threw my best friend since 3rd grade a baby shower. YES MY FRIEND IS HAVING A FREAKN BABY!!! She honestly looks like she is 6 months pregnant but holy cow she is 8 months pregnant. The cuttest little girl you ever did see. Brieja (the mom to be) is having a cute girl jaidah. I can not wait to meet her.. shes going to be the cuttest little have black baby out there! I can't with to just hold her for the first time. No where near am I ready to have kids not even for 10 years so I will live for other people and just hold everyone elses children. Brieja's mom Deanna&I took a while but we finally put together some decorations together and it turned out so beautiful. Dont mind the ugly pink church and gold currents its a long story.  (here are some pictures)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 (mommy&daddy to be)

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