Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend get away

I have a secret that not a whole lot of people know about me! YES IT'S TRUE I am a city girl who eats and breaths country. I may not be a "cow girl" but I sure love to do cow girl stuff. This past weekend I drove up to cedar city and met up with a few of my good friends from Richfield and knab. That night I got there we went to a awesome fun bon fire. We decided we would go to Richfield for the weekend and have a Super Bowl weekend. I never knew how much I loved it till I got there. First night we went to a friends house and like always I was the only girl. It seems to be like that very often. Next day we woke up super early and headed on down to fish lake where we did ice fishing we didn't catch much but little guys!! That night we went bowling and it was so much fun. Sunday morning we got up early and went looking for elk on the razors! Super Bowl night Zach dad made everyone a traditional Texas BBQ that was absolutely delicious I have never loved BBQ so much in my life. To top everything off we gave some nice hair cuts with awesome mullets! I am so gratefully for my friends I love to just kick back and have a great time couldn't do it without them

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