Friday, November 16, 2012

a brand new day

It's so crazy to me that ive been out of high school for almost a year.. When you attend high school it seems that the only thing that is important is who you were in high school and what crowd you fit in. When I was first in high school I thought to myself I have a wonderful brother who is very popular and tons of people love him and I am a sophmore who has made varsity (it was a big deal back than kay)! I can not believe how much has changed since 09! I today am now a 100% different person.  

I had a lot of people bully me and judge me over the past few years but, ive learned something through it all... You cant let someone tell you who the person you are because only you know your true self. People are always going to critisis what you do because they arent fully satisfied with who they are as a person. I know this statment to be true because I my self know what its like to look at someone and wish I could be alot like them. I had a hard time finding my self through out my years and I cant say i truely know who I am as a person but, I can say ive had a lot of friends walk in and out of my life becasue of stupid mistakes that I have made. I wish I could say that everything has been dandy and im a perfect person but im not. When you find a friend keep them because those are the kind of friends who want to see good things come out of your life and want to reach out to you for help. I am greatful to say I have a incredible family who has shown me tremendis amount of love. My little sister has been the greatest example to me and I love that she can always pick me up when im down. Dont ever dwell on the pass because thats taking two steps back always look forward and when there are bumps in the road take a hop over them you might slip and fall but thats when you pick your self up and keep on going. Happy thanksgiving everyone!! I hope we all have something to be greatful for everyday!

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