Sunday, February 10, 2013

An actual valentine

As February is rolling around and valentines day just around the Corner it's time to start looking for just the perfect date for that special night. I know all of us are dying to have a date weather you are ANTI valentines day! All of you anti valentiners are a bunch of bums I can say this because yes I was one of you antis the past two years but put your self out there ladies! Step up and do something about it weather you want to take a girlfriend out, a dog, a crush, you're siblings, or whatever. Valentines day is a day to celebrate loving one another so pass around the love!!
I have a darling valentine this year! Yep that's right I actually have a valentine this year! He is very handsome it's the one and only Travis johnson. I've been going on several dates with him lately and he absolutely perfect and knows how to treat a women right. It's true there are actual hot respectable men out there who want to treat you right. He came to my door step to take me on a date with the most beautiful colored bright red rose and asked me to be his valentine what can I say I'm one lucky girl I guess! I never thought I could be treated like this and I always said I would never be this chick that does this kind of stuff and blogs about a boy! But there I just did it haha well fellow bloggers step up and get yourselves a date

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