Friday, March 15, 2013

Hair knowledge

   I am attending Renaissance Academie studying to become a cosmotoligist. I am about done with my schooling. I have a total of 4 months left, it has been a long jourmey for me but, I am finally seeing the light to the end of my tunnel. As we say goodbye to fall and winter its time to say Hello to spring and summer. This means its time to take out the high ponytails and sock buns and say hello to beach/pool hair. The goal is always to have the best looking hair right? Well lets try something new here. Lets try some new products that have worked for many stylist and clients. The key to having "perfect hair" is good product. I know everyone always sees that you can use any kind of product because you can buy the same brand at the drug store. Well news flash!!!!! Those products a generally very watered down and not as good and healing for for hair. Try these products and see if they have worked for you 
etreme anti-snap is made by redken. It is a leave in conditioner that will help reconstruct your damaged hair (Really great for uv damaged and color treated hair

Flip it over made by big sexy hair. Really good for people who love the volume hair that just seem to just have stick straight hair.

miricle hair mask made by its a 10. Everyone can always use a deep conditioner and this is the perfect product for that this will reconstruct so much this product has litterly saved my hair from breaking off after all the bleach and color I have done on my hair. If you are having a hard time growing your hair it might be missing some of the important neutrients that it needs and this will reconstruct your hair and get it long and healthy again.
session series by tigi(catwalk) This is for anyone who is going for the beach wave look. It is a salt base spray and it will put a light beach wave in there for you so that you always have that beach look and yes this really does work on people who have zero curl in there hair. This product is also used great for someone who has a hard time holding curl.
moroccan oil made by morocan oil. This is the best thing anyone could use for there hair, this will put all those natural oils that your hair needs. Everyone can benifit from it.

Powder Play by big sexy hair. This is an awesome product for blondes and what I like to call my virgin hair clients who can not get any texture in there hair because they have never done anything to there hair that can allow it to have some volume or anything.

What A Tease by big ssexy hair. All you back combers/country girls this is the best product for you spray this at the root  when its all styled and start teasing away.  

Weather Proof by big sexy hair. When its hot out side and your hair starts frizzing up from the humidy or its super hot in the club spray this in the hair before you go and your hair will stay looking fresh all day.

Root Pump Plus by big sexy hair. This will leave you will a good hold with volume all day. Spray this in the root before you blow dry and you will have fantastic volume hair.
Colur by Purology. This shampoo and conditioner is the best smelling shampoo ever that is amazing for the girls who have color treated hair/sun damaged hair I love this shampoo set because when you are done it leaves your hair softer and healther than before.

All of these products can be sold to you by any stylist, and the best part is they are all very affordable to everyone. Take care of your hair with some good products store bought brands are really damaging your hair or are very watered down.

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